Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some good news and some bad news...

I want to make a belated recognition of the protesters and the press coverage they generated regarding the Mars Hill Tripp conference. Incredible.

Believe it or not, peaceful protesters were spat upon and yelled at by parents attending this conference and demonstrators were hounded on public property by church security.

By and large, Seattle citizens have responded very negatively towards Tripp's harsh teachings and the endorsement by Mars Hill of baby spanking and the infliction of pain and fear on young children's minds and bodies.

And Mars Hill? They intend to go right on promoting Ted Tripp's book in a church full of young, impressionable parents:

Children’s Ministry Director:Matt Grante. shorelinekids@marshillchurch.orgt. 206.816.3742

The Shoreline campus seems to be affectionately known as the "Mars Hill Baby Factory", so there will be a lot of babies and toddlers there to receive Ted Tripp punishments.

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stephy said...

Definitely disturbing. Thanks for writing about this.