Monday, September 8, 2008

Why worry about Ted Tripp?

Ted Tripp will visit Mars Hill Church in Seattle on September 19-20. He will give a two day seminar on child-rearing. The Mars Hill website and church bulletin have been advertising this event, which will be provided at the Ballard, Lake City, West Seattle, Shoreline and Bellevue campuses.
Tripp will undoubtedly be selling his book, Shepherding a Child's Heart at these events.
Ted Tripp and his book express disturbing and harmful ideas about disciplining small children, and even babies. He will teach these ideas to parents in Seattle, a city where harsh, religious, rod-based punishment techniques are not the norm, to an audience of young parents. These parents are eager to receive advice and aspire to be the best parents possible.
This blog will focus on what advice Ted Tripp will be giving them, and how this could impact many vulnerable babies, toddlers and small children.
I hope that my blog will do two things:
1. Encourage public response to the decision of Mars Hill to bring Ted Tripp to Seattle.
2. Educate the public in general, and parents in particular, regarding the harm Ted Tripp's teaching will inflict on children, families and our larger community.

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