Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tomorrow, Ted Tripp will commence his conference at Mars Hill Church, speaking to numerous young parents. It will be another business deal for Tripp, one which will line his pockets with a $3,000.00 speaking fee and give him and his wife a free vacation to Seattle.

In his wake, he will leave a residue of poison.

He will teach parents to rely heavily on spanking to discipline children, toddlers and even infants unable to walk or talk.

He will teach parents to spank children and babies based on their perceived motivations. He will teach parents that the primary motivations of their children are dark and fallen.

He will teach a seedy, ritualized form of spanking that will include baring the child, holding the child close and slapping the buttocks until the child cries with pain.

He will teach that the spanking process must be done over and over until a state of "submission" is reached. As the quotation below explains, the child will submit out of fear of pain:

"...the fear induced by corporal punishment belongs primarily to none of these categories. It is essentially and pre-eminently the fear of physical pain. It is the fear inevitably associated with suffering of a degrading, deliberate and debasing nature. Fear which is associated with and restricted to physical pain, as a punitive factor, possesses no true reformative power... "
The child which has been whipped into obedience is a pitiful object By George Ryley Scott From The History of Corporal Punishment (1996) Pgs. 241-243

If you are signed up for the conference, please consider not going. If you go to the conference, please consider not taking Tripp's advice.


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