Monday, September 22, 2008

Tripp: a paddle will spread the "shock" of the smacks over a wide area

I wonder how often Ted Tripp goes to a city and finds the citizens so ready to defend the safety and well-being of the city's children?

In only a few weeks, a small group of determined individuals organized several demonstrations, contacted multiple press sources, facilitated and inspired multiple articles, discussions and blogs.
To those people: Please accept my thanks and admiration. I don't think this could happen anywhere but Seattle.

I want to share some excerpts from the Slog article, which covered the Ted Tripp conference: Ted Tripp, the Paradox, and How to Wield the Power of Christ Against Your Children

"Tripp’s image was projected on four giant screens as he condemned modern society for being “obsessed with equality” and refusing to accept the authority of God. "

For those of you who don't know, Ted Tripp is a strong complementarian and is involved in the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. In a nutshell, he is part of the movement obsessed by hierarchy which teaches the dominance of men and the submission of women. This movement teaches that women are less inclined to rational and analytical thought than men. (Don't argue, Mar Hill members, or I will be forced to supply you with a direct quotation.)

Part and parcel of this teaching is that children are part of the hierarchy, just above the family dog, and must be made submissive to their parents at the earliest time possible. According to Tripp, this is about the time they go home from the hospital maternity ward.

And, naturally, that will require some pain to be inflicted!

"His directions, in contrast, were much more specific: “remove [the child’s] drawers,” because “we don’t want the spanking to be lost in the fabric of the pants.”

Of course, we already read that Ted wants people to inflict pain upon the child's bare skin in his book. Once again, we have the odd reference to "drawers" which must be Tripp's attempt to be funny about the infliction of said pain. Because hurting a child is funny, huh, Ted?

"Smack him, and make sure you use a paddle that

I didn't know Tripp recommended using an implement. This makes spanking a baby or toddler much more physically dangerous, because the parent cannot feel how hard the strikes are. I'm sorry, Mars Hill babies.

“spreads the shock over the wide area.”

This sounds somewhat like an interrogator discussing how to cause maximum pain without leaving any obvious or incriminating marks in the prison staff lounge. Calling the impact of the smack a "shock" is a very strange violent way of referring what we are supposed to believe is a loving spanking, isn't it?

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